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[Intro: Raekwon]
Yes, Uh huh, Go

We rep a new style, I'm higher then whatever in the two thousand
I'm like Isaac in his teenage days, Gettin thousands yep
Flip em in the M, Suede tims on, Blue housin up
They know my niggas is proud kins, We vanish
Sippin Kahluas, We on the block frozen
Whatever, Niggas wanna do us then do us
We like Roberta Flack in the gap band
And curtis who urges to stack grands
Scareface flicks, We eat are grits with eggs in em
None of the roach legs in em
Watchin Soul Train, Everybody dipped in denim
With beads on they neck and they braids, Just like Stevie cover
You gotta see me brother brushin my waves
And now a few march, A few good men, They carry cartridges
A smoke ?, Now we all gettin trimed
They play the deuce loose, Ol' gold juice
BVDs on, Adidas no laces, Drankin pineapple fruits
But uh...

When people get shot down for not mindin theirs
So many young adolescence with no careers
You got ten-eleven year olds drinkin beers
So when you go home nigga hit up the fridge and then what

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