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Fortune And Fame - text

[Chorus 1:]
Fame, The fortune and fame has got you blind
Just open your eyes real wide so you can see
Fame, Ohh, Lights, Camera, Action, S here we go
Lace them boots up, It's time to roll

We play backgammon in the crib, Checking out knot's landing
Who shot Blake up, She fucking his man's men
Residing in Nevada, Prada tees, Four trucks
Hiding cheese, We gotta, New and improved shottas
Cooking narqs, Hood niggas, Vision my spark
I ran around the World three times already and partly own her
Maker of the planet, Dammit, Planet of the Apes
Mad guerillas is fake, Evil hamsters
Lurking like they networking
Niggas giving jobs to the wrong workers, I'm hurting
Close the Benz curtain yo
No love for life no more, I write what I'm writing for
I need a lot of hype, Big up my white boys
Yo Lex, When you coming with the purple tape
Hold up nigga wait, Keep it cool, You'll get a plate
And yo the CD is great, Mad ethnic
This is not synthetic, This is for the crib with the lake
Get your money, See me, An athlete, Regular nigga
We out on Broadway, Throw me on, Breathe easy
Clip from The Wire, Rally out in Vegas
Hit The Strip, Fire, Streetcar Named Desire
Yo lights get lit up, Paparazzi jumping out
Yachtzi, Niggas wanna slump when I sit up
Yo, Holding the hammer, Four-five, Little bit of ice
They tryna run me off the road like Diana

[Chorus 2:]
Fame, Fame, Ohh, Lights, Camera, Action, So here we go
Lace them boots up, It's time to roll

Text přidal CrusaderPaja

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