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[Intro: Raekwon]
Yo, aiyo, yeah nigga, what up
I can't do this shit!

Yo, some nights I feel like sticking up Exxon
My gun game experience, came from robbing Louis Vitton
Cocaine specialist, since nine
Age bracket, fuck them O.G.'s up, they started giving me ratchets
Get money Diamonds, co-signing all of my check stubs
Besides getting money, I grub
I had a Kool G. Rap lifestyle, sliding through the Parrot with drugs
I'm like a magic with witchcraft, ya'll give a nigga rich cash
Blankets, anklets, Gucci shit, switch labs
I'm powerful, yo, you know my hour is due
Fuck the fifteen minutes, I'm a flower my boo
Word to my Nike's that I throw on pose, from here to Hollywood
You know I got soul like that Rakim dude
Just give me my money, ya'll owe it to me, don't make me blow you for it
For real, I'm a show ya'll niggas how to swoll dummies
High profile, he keep it macked out, hundreds of little niggas engage with him
And he gets down, aiyo you fucking with the best of the year
The best whoever did it, no love lost
Beside my shorty and child, I'm like a king in an Egyptian center
Militant, to play your perimeter, hold wifey now before I get her
You know what Wu do, RZA, tell 'em, now we got, Dre in the kitchen, son
It's on, Part Two, watch me sell 'em
Cause New York is me, homey, watch me throw the crown in the trash
Whoever wore it, ya'll ass, 'member me, Toney, what up, what up
You know my gun game's zid up
Supplying every borough my cocaine river
Flashy always, I'm like four ways, none of ya'll see me fresh
I only do it in, project hallways, ya'll all gay
Ya'll know it, yes, that's what it be, peace
See me in streets, God be there, all day, one

[Outro: Raekwon]
I'm out of here, man, fuck that
It's on, Part Two, yeah, Part Two
Aiyo, aiyo, aiyo, I want my money in all fives yo, hahaha
Ice Wate, the new and improved Chef
Word up, the feist is coming soon, one
I'm out of here...

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