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Cocaine Blunts - text

Flash the hammer like Thor when we under a war
We got the vests and the new Gillette’s, Check out these brawds
Pop'n Henny all day and my Ginny steady ready to blow something
Just yell, She lifting the semi
They like new jacks that live through the music, Them blues cats
Put kids on, Start baby making, True that
And while we reach levels, Bezzles get new pebbles
A few boulders on your neck, We soldiered the rebels
Gangstas that die for gifts, Pumpernickel bread
New licks, As long as we be writing we rich
Then the old folks sarcastic ways bout that them young boys live
We got caught up, Went crazy baby
Stealing cocaine blunts, We major baby
Wheel'n them Rangers up, We lazy baby
Bed time, Lead start coming out, Bread time
Niggas in goose, Peers stare, Who said something
Pop nigga in his block for real
Yo you gotta feel everything out first
We want hail niggas, Real niggas

Text přidal CrusaderPaja

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