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This for Crys poppers, Crude poppers
Nine hundred dollars shoe rockers
Blue rock been on, Robbing Gene Goblin
All my money pot gwap'n, Cake bake'n
Up a super brick, You need gats shop with me
Fortress flawless to death, In Boston lost my Rolex
A gift from a rich Dreed, Tour Lex
Go snatch cheddar and meet me out in Figi with the Beegees
My wedding is jumping, A thirty G piece
Trench coat furler, Bell & Ross hoody, Matching watch
The scarf on my Aston is murder
Learn something, This is my word son
Before marriage, A bitch is gotta go fast as Serbia
Flashed up dressy, The nerve of ya
My life story, Worldwide seeking pussy, I herb re-up
Merge with them niggas that burn weed up
Turn heat up, Walk in the club flash the sub, What skee'd up

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Chill nigga
You know how we do this man, Back to the basics B
For real for real, Stay out the fucking way nigga
Youknowhatimsayin', Don't wanna have to go upside your head
Youknowhatimsayin', Go in your pocket and all that
You know that's a typical routine, For a real nigga man
Yall niggas better be careful man, Put your head up boy

Text přidal CrusaderPaja

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