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[Hook: Estelle]
This is the wrong time - but I wish you were all mine
I ain't trying to wait, listen to fate
But what's a man to do?
Said I'm all confused and you ain't trying to choose
Whether I win or lose, baby

Yeah, it's all about you, all about you
It's all about you
Said it's all about you, all about you
Said it's all about you, all about you
Yeah, it's all about you, all about you
All about you

[Verse 1: Raekwon]
It been about me, I'm a king from the rip
My own millionaire style, my swag on dip
Stay fresh in the freshest places
Flip papers, fly around, Bugattis and yachts
Holding knots, C.R.E.A.M relations
It's like hitting the lotto winning
More money, more problems you gotta be kidding
I'd rather sit up in the Bronx and parlay some shit up
I'm usually breaking down eights and slaying some sit-ups
Boo, it's tight times, let me hustle
'Cause everything you want, I'm near with all muscle
'Cause when I'm in the streets, we eating, more Ruffles
Then we can play the suits in Vegas, all duffles
'Cause you the queen, I'm the king, be a rider
A man with a game plan stressing, ain't a rider
So let me paint picture, stay crisp, we providers
We real, realer than real, word to mamas


[Verse 2: Raekwon]
Kingpin chef in the town, keep it 100
Ice on his neck and his arms with more money
Jump into the 250 [?], getting blunted
Pockets carry more than a stack, we all frontin'
Rich black African, dons getting cheddar
Shorty knows better, let's blow, bring the Beretta
Showing off the vault, you walk, nigga, you're welcome
Or you can stay here and be rich with me and help 'em
I'm just crazy, fly slick intelligence
He play high, on the strips, and flip pelicans
My whole clique is in this bitch, 10 elephants
Who stay fresher than us? That's irrelevant
True, yeah, nothing but a G-thing
Whoa, yo, they be coming through, peep game
Boo, I know it's over baby, keep playing
Oops, I'm out of energy, street king


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