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A Rainy Day - text

Just to let you know
Sometimes it takes a rainy day
Sometimes it takes a rainy day

Hey y’all, your skin color is the shit
Bubble when your back look delicious
My strawberry queen, nasty quick, slide through Geneva
Switching gears on me, I’mma leave her
She driving her own shit, she a keeper
Then clip jury on, live in the woods
What’s good? No Hollywood, whole shit, yeah, you good
Sipping drinks, rocking minks, come visit the shrink
Check crib, it’s bigger than Liv
What you think? I’m just a part time romancer
See me in the club, I’m a ransom
Time me up boo, I go against you and I queen that I want
She gotta think like a king, respect mine
Oh, stay in line, do your thing and we can meditate, do yoga
Chilling on the sofas and my lofas
You’re making that bread, I play cofa
I’m a stare case baby with a train, vision it
I know I’m living it, with queen


I did you wrong ’cause I was fucked up lost
They caught me in the Porsche, go crying divorce
Hey y’all my jury look tough, when you was sober their lost
And then you did this to me picture me cross
And you was never there when I was grinding and just flossin’
And I had you in school like daddy be bossy
And now you wanna cry sober, it exhaust me but keep the wheels right here
Then jet to Georgia, I’m a chief on ‘em
No, no, noble extortion, yeah, take it or leave it, acquire losses
She did this for capital to ball like a boss
So hold the fort down, protecting the shores
Hey yo, no more remorse, cut endorsements
Fuck that, go back home, jet to Boston
Barking like a full grown pit’, take caution
I’m just wanting the shits, this is spot shit


Text přidal CrusaderPaja

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