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Hey, I Won't Break Your Heart - text


Here in the twilight of one endless summer
You’ve got me waiting like a teenaged girl
My eyes wide with starlight
But folded in my new dress, the memories
Love is more hesitant a second time

Hey, I won’t break your heart, like you broke mine

This time around I won’t cling to the those paper crowns
I won’t tear you down
This time I’ll listen like it’s love’s first secret

So come bring your love here with all its mistakes
Speak to me softly like lovers do
Here are the fragments I saved for you

Hey, I won’t break your heart like you broke mine

Oh, it seems it’s easy to love you
You go to my head just like wine

All the bitterness, it has left me
So don’t leave me standing here

I won’t be satisfied
Unless you come here and stay by my side

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The Heart Speaks in Whispers

Corinne Bailey Rae texty

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