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This is dedicated to all those critics
All you social sites
All you wifi gangsters
Talk shit about this! (fucking bitch)
I took a turn for the worse again
For stickin' my neck out for another friend
And this is what I get for being too nice
People wonder why I'm a fucking dick
What would do if you had the world?
Watching every move that you make up for
Never where that you ain't got a bitch
Tryna get you to admit it's stiching for attention, damn
That's the price of fame
I sold my soul unto a ball of flame
That ball of flame is what keeps me lit, from my heart
Every bar and every line I spit
When that camera clicks and they're snapping pics
This is everything that I'm mentioning,
I'll never let go, and ready
Or not I'm about to take over it
Paparazzi, spannin' shots
Kamikaze droppin' bombs
Family first, millionare, debt reverse, air to desure
I reign supreme in every genre
Stackin' that cheese, no lasagna
King of the jungle Mufasa Mufasa
No worries for me, HAKUNA MATATA!
Droppin' on the beat without a doubt
Or referee so need a piece up
On a piece up on the mother fuckin' brink
You better think before ya blink
'Cus I'm about to fuckin' swing hittin' everything
I see in front of me don't fuck with me
I'm killing every verse from the first word
To the last verb, I'ma pass church
Like a bastard pastor, last chapter
Mr Mathers, wordest rapper
For the sake of crackers so get the last word!?
(Never gonna be the same agan
(Never gonna be the same)
All I do is win aaaaaall I do is win.
This is it, this is everything to me!!!)
I'm chillin on dat sofa, hot like Arizona
The scene up in that coma
I'ma wake em up just like I'm folgiers!
I'm a fucking soldier, never got my diploma
I'm up in them Cadillac's my teacher drive Toyota!
HA I don't give a fuck bro (I don't give a fuck bro)
And I don't call it luck though
I'm a fucking cut-throat, bitch I got that recipe
Mix it into a masterpiece, I'm rappin' in a Raplosine
I standod top of that balcony
And all I see surrounding me, is tragedy
I spread my wings and vow to be the man to be
My chemistry, insymmetry, is made of gold like alchemy
I found things, so proud to be
Is anyone gonna say they doubted me?!
Burn mutha fucka burn, watch how fast I can take this turn, in a car never thought I have, man
I can honestly say I've earned
An I've learned from the best, cursed to bless
Stressin' less, most-certain yes
I'm better than I've ever been
No doubt about a champion, it's happenin I'm stacking in
And I'll never go back to that
(Never gonna be the same agan
(Never gonna be the same)
All I do is win aaaaaall I do is win.
This is it, this is everything to me!!!)
Rock and roll solid gold
Rocket shows, heart on froze
Colder than 50 below freazing the role
That cuts couple hoes when I flow
Esposition, exposay
Consecutive hits what I'm namin Jose
Consako motherfucking leggo my ego
And mother fucking bitches good at the deep throat
Bitch! Suck a dick
Lickety split
Fucking stick shift I'm a stick with
Bitch! Switchin lanes, checkin my engine
Liftin rims off while I'm thriftin'
Suck on a dip-stick, been in a ditch damn
It's just like a trailor and I'll never get hitched in
Spittin like a drain up on the dip in the kitchen
Pussies won't shove from the things that I'm gettin
Gimme a break, gimme a break gimme a break
Of that kitty cat click clack plow,
Fuckin' hard, knowin' them I'll keep on raisin the bar
Stuck in a park, peelin herb from the dark
Livin' in a sequel like return of Jaffar Killing
Competition like a honda accord
With the brakes cut goin bout 104 foot
To the floor, strap to the door
Crash, glass, snatch-n-grab
Your motherfuckin ass shoulda grabbed the gat,
Ambulance, clear the ditch
Had to pull ass up outta the dash
That's what you get for fucking with me
I told you motherfuckers I'll be running these streets
Do not confuse who I have to be
Compared to everything I've done and seen!
(Never gonna be the same agan
(Never gonna be the same)
All I do is win aaaaaall I do is win.
This is it, this is everything to me!!!)

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