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Runs In The Sidewalk - text


The thieves are relentless
Drop your cards and pay the price
Pay the price
Pay the price

The toll is too demanding
So kill the lights, and say goodnight
Say goodnight
And say goodnight

Because the fog is rolling in

The wheels are in motion
So drop the dice and play your cards
Play your cards

The times are forgetful
No one knows who you are
Who you are

Both feet on the ground
But eyes on the prize, Dear
Dressed for success
Even though the bends
The kinks in the pipes
Spell out disaster
We're better off alone
Turn it on its ear
The knives in the walls
The glitch in the lawsuits
Scratch them off the page
the time line ends here
It's dead in the end
And hope never wins
So tally up your sins
Because the walls are caving in

The runs in the sidewalk
Near the house spell your name
They spell your name

Text přidal Sigur

Text opravil Sigur

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