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Evening in the garden
Surrounded by fireflies
We'd only just moved in
I spent my time alone there reading
And planted one thing a day

While shoveling the yard
My spade hit a metal box
And in it was a diary
The cover old and frayed

It said: "I don't know how much time I have,
But I guess we never really do
I thought that I would be terrified,
But it's worse to watch them watch me
Sometimes I wish our lives were simpler,
That we never had to stretch the food,
That people here would treat my brother well
And that he would know he's good"

I laid out all those pages
And in my study typed them up
It was tough to say how old they were
I guess... years at least
The boy who wrote these words
Was an odd and complicated mind
But wisdom's often heavier
When found before its time

He said: "We all get stuck in circles,
But nothing moves in perfect lines
Connections underly the things we see,
But to nuances we're blind
And I am never singular
I was born a pair to walk alone
My mirror shows the things I'm not
But it helps me feel at home"

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