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Your gut says "turn away and walk back the way you came"
That these words are not for those awake
I watch your feet step through the fallen leaves
And I hear your heart by its broken beat
Then I smell the sickness you've got in you
And I understand the reason why you came to me
And I understand why you're not afraid

You called my name out so I showed my face
And the birds in the nest of my hair started fluttering
And I held your wrists, bound your hands filled with fine sand
And told you to trust me as though I were your enemy
And I sank my teeth in to your ribs
And drew out the blood that had turned on you
And left you to find your way back home
And I told you to guard our little secret well
And to never try and find me again
Because the next time you step beyond your walls
I'll be gone, I'll be gone, I'll be gone, I'll be gone

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The Family Tree: The Leaves

Radical Face texty

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