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Cut my head on broken progress
Cut my hands while building castle walls
Nobody dies before they sleep
So fluff your pillow baby
Squeeky wheels with abject ideals
welter do so headaches do us all
nobody tries they all just sink
the cops tore the playground down
the children watch from tops of trees
no ones gonna save them now
so they'll go home and find a place to sleep

spend the weekdays burning bridges
spent the weekends watching all them fall
nobody cares unless it's free
so hide your wallet baby
spineless saviours heartless lovers
souless jokers never last for long
nobody wins until they bleed

there's cracks in their smiles now
as they wont ever leave us be
nothing gonna hurts us now
so we'll just wait them out until we're free

i'm not scared and i'm not worried
nothing really bugs me much these days
i've got my home i've got what i need

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