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Shadows can really be a girl's best friend
Diamonds can't hide you. Can't fight or defend.
Shadows can prove to be your saving grace
When staying alive means concealing your face

Brains beat out brawn. That's common sense.
Let them compete with their common violence.
Slinking unseen garners minimal damage
So slip by unnoticed as long as you'll manage

When the time comes you dart to the dark
Two steps ahead. Too clever by half.

Hiding in plain sight may be the way
It'll be worth it if it helps you stay
Center stage refuge is not what they'd expect
Amazing, the things that they never detect

They say finding food here's a valuable skill
Resources are nothing if you've learned to steal
Somehow for some reason, you start to fall
This nothing will beat you. This nothing at all.

When the time comes you dart to the dark.
Two steps ahread. Too clever by half.

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