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Lie Down Beside You - text

When I
Lie down beside you
Your fingertips
Whisper to me
Secrets that
You don't even know you know
Your touch
Your desire
Like livewire
Sparks fly
When I lie down
Beside you
And Lord knows
am yours
Spread me open
Unfold me
Like Ouija
Without speaking I will convey
Supernatural communications
Like clandestine alphabet
Beating against my chest
Like this way
Means yes
Never having to
Second guess
Like prophetic text
Made manifest
Like rapture
Light crackles
When I lie down
Beside you.
Press against me
I am strong enough to receive
The message you're delivering
Believe in the taste of
My devotional
The way
I melt
For you
Let every tear be
Dripping elixir
Let your sweet exultations
Fill me
Let there be laying of your hands on my body
Memorize my topography
Listen to the whisper of my history
I am
Physical science
When I lie down
Beside you
Play archeologist
To my landscape
There are verbs
Needing to be unearthed
Traveling in circuitous routes
Through my veins
I hold all of your answers
Rattling in my wrists
And revelational bliss
With the glistening on my lips
And match disclosure
Chance for chance
With the dancing of my hips
I can
Uncurl my defenses
If you let me
Lay the manuscript of your meaning
At your feet
Discern your direction
With the cleft of infinite wisdom
Held out before me
I am
Your diviner
When I lie down
Beside you
I am your trail of
Astro Projected breadcrumbs
Be my national cartographer
Spirit guide in the flesh
Unwind my DNA
And view the blueprints of my destiny
Then rest with me
Breathless but easy
Set your cares
In the nautilus of my ear
There they will mingle
With the whisper
Of eternal rolling ocean
I want to hear
I will
Hide them like sunken treasure
And they will be there within
You ever
Retrieve them
Waves crash bright
When I lie down beside you
Riptide into me
Let me love you hand to mouth
Cheek to cheek
Speaking tongues against my skin
You are delicious
Beyond recognition
I give in
To this precious potential
Like constellations
At appreciation of our creation
Like spheres
Everything's spinning
In unison
Like we are more
Than our human machinations or
Molecular combinations
We are
Constantly unriddling
I am a particular night sky
When I lie down
Beside you
So take me
And make me
Your astrology
Plot your path by my
Best star
I offer it
Open palm
Undeniable truth
Specific blessing
Like honest
You inside me
Lightning striking twice
Every single time
So take me like I am meterology
Take me like I'm metaphysics
Take me like I am poetry
Take me
Like I am
I am
I am
I am
I am
When I lie down
Beside you

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