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Hey, I know we havent spoken much I just um, wanted to tell you that I wanted to see you and Im sorry that it didnt work out things just aint the same you know, well, let me explain
[Verse 1:]
We used to talk alot
Now we hadley even speak
Harldey even kiss
Havent made love in weeks
My heart is getting weak
Girl it hurts me deep
Im thinkin should I stay
Or maybe should I leave
Youve been wondering how I feel
You dont know
Been wondering why im here
I dont know
Is this what we both feared
We dont know
Is the end to this near?
Our hearts say no
[Verse 2:]
It used to be so right
We used to be a team
Talk long everynight
We used to share our dreams
I miss those little things
Its been so long it seems
But I know I shouldnt leave
Cause only you got what I need
[Repeat Chorus 2x]
I've packed up all my things girl and I really need to go now
Baby no I'll go crazy
I love you but I can't live like this can't take it no more now
Please listen to me
You've been actin' different always trippen it's out of control now
We're havin' a baby
Oh my god I'm sorry girl come and take my hand now I understand
[Chorus til fade]

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