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I Dont Love You Anymore - text

I Don't Love You Anymore

Went To See Her Just This Mourning
To See How The Child Might Be
She Sat There Smokin All My Ciggerett's
At A Table Set For Three
I Could Of Cried
I Could Of Cries...When She Said
I Don't Love You Any More
I Was Slade And Shownen The Door
Ain't No Room Here Anymore
Please Don't Look To Me For Help
All The Pain Is With Yourself
All The Blame Is With Yourself

So I Went And Seen My Friend's
I Tried To Turn To Them For Help
And All That Any Of Them Said
You Gotta Look Out For Yourself
I Could Of Cried
I Could Of Cried...And She Said
Repet Chorus
Your All I Ever Wanted
All I Ever Needed
Every Time I See Your Face
Remind's Me Baby Of What We Had
I Get So Lonly Ooooh Ya Ya Ya

All Our Lives I'v Been down
Alway's Seemed In Abdness
I See My Friend's Every Night
But Even God Don't Care Any Less Ohhh Ya
I Could Have Cried
I Could Have Cried...When She Said
Repet Chorus Out

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