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Sining with Angels - text


I heard your voice late last night
I heard you say are you lonesome tonight
I saw you crying in the chapel light
Love me tender and treat me nice

Lonely boy got the G.I. Blues
That's allright mama's watching over you
Wise men say if you don't be cruel
You'll get to heaven wearing blue suede shoes

Singing with angels, safe in God's promised land
Singing with angels, walking hand in hand
Singing with angels, it's part of God's master plan
There's so many angels walking hand in hand
What a beautiful land

I got a woman she's my happiness
Don't leave me now in my loneliness
Heartbreak hotel I was counting on you
Thought I had a lot of living to do

The blue moon of Kentucky shines
Burning love makes suspicious minds
Mystery train heading for the light
Gracelands star burning bright


[repeat x3]

Elvis has left the building

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