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She packed her bags one moonlit night
Bought a ticket on a mystery flight
To a heaven where dreamers dream
To a hell where losers weep
She's gone to Hollywood
Bright yellow letter shine way up high
Sweet sixteen she's got stars in her eyes
Will she ride in a chauffeur driven car
Or will she die of a broken heart
She's gone to Hollywood, oh Hollywood
Hi ya, mama, how are ya dad
Been thinkin' 'bout ya please don't be sad
You'll never guess where I'm calling from
I'll be a star before too long
Cuz I'm in Hollywood, oh Hollywood
Oh it feels so good to be a star in Hollywood
Long distance ringing in the middle of the night
Sayin' somethin' 'bout a suicide
Missing Persons calling from the coast
Your daughter's dead from an overdose
Hollywood, she's dead in Hollywood

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