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I Made A Song With A Tech Support Scammer Aga.. - text

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(I know you are busy with your scam operations, just do these lines for me, come on,
You make me laugh, okay)
Started up with one, ended up with three,
I don't need your talent and believe it, boy,
You won't disagree,
Cause I used to give a f__k
About my talent skills,
And now all I wanna do is count my dolla bills

I ain't flexin, but I got a lotta friends everywhere,
All of them askin' for my money,
Somethin I won't share,
I know the haters want me thrown,
In the f__king slammer,
Pass it to my homeboy, tech support scammer
Work hard, play hard,
Work hard, play hard 2x
You may think I'm kinda funny,
I got money 3x
No, I won't pay child support, sonny,
Money is a blessing,
No, we don't disagree,
But knowing how to spend it,
Is the main control key
F__k all the b__ches, who doesn't have money 2x
Money is temptation,
Money is just a wall
(Mhm, Mhm)
Money, money
When it comes to money,
I'm the motherf__king master,
All that you amount to is financial disaster,
I don't care who you are,
Or what the f__k you do,
If you don't have money,
All I'm gonna ask is "who?"
Ha ha ha ha,
Look at me I'm smilin,
Just made 10 billion,
Which is why I'm stylin,
Maybe one day you'll be as rich as me,
In around 10 thousand years,
I was born rich,
And I'll always be rich,
While you were born,
And will remain in a ditch,
So don't come crying to me about your issues,
I use hundred dollar bills as my tissues
Work hard, play hard,
Work hard, play hard 3x
Shut up or I'll shoot with a gunny, sonny
(Yoo that was f__king fire, you f__king killed it man! Jeeez)

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