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Goat Mockery Ritual - text

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$30 cover for the khaoss magick live ritual
Not Nazis, just into the aesthetic
Library of forbidden lore purchased on Amazon
(For this pleases the Dark Lord)
Doing real evil sure seems risky
And like it might require a suit and tie
Better to trust time-tested theatrics
Ancient sacraments passed down from the ‘80s
Oh, it’s the old rot of Rome
Dolled up in goat horns and a gas mask
And croakin’ out turgid liturgies
I got your old-time religion right here
Crypto-Christian cheerleaders
Root, root, root for the losing team
Better start picking up hours
Thousands to spend on robes and costumery
The hordes won’t show if your look ain’t fancy
The greatest trick the devil ever pulled
Was convincing you saps
That ‘observe the dress code’
Shall be the whole of the Law
Incant thy prayer to pseudo-profundity
Inverted crosses confess thy pontiff envy
Menacing gibberish covers for hollowness
Bestial blasphemic nunrape nonsense
The beast as described by D&D
(For this pleases the Dark Lord)
Clownpainted priest garbed for mummery
Casts charm of +5 protection against women and minorities
But keeps it down, mindful of sales
Best to maintain a dead language smokescreen
Ave Satanas, ave domini inferi
Polire hunc stercorum et tu non potes

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