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No Te Rajes - text


A fool, trying hard but I just don't move
could it be that I'm gonna lose my sensation, direction,
down goes my inspiration.
All my hope becomes fear
if this is the case then why am I here
Malice, I feel it coming like a bullet now
all I can do is not to give up now
No, no, no te rajes
No, no, don't give up now
No, no, no te rajes
No, no, don't give up now
Hecha pa' ya y vuelve a empezar
Move, try to run but I got no shoes
try to spread but there is no room
to disperse, to create,
if this is your game then I don't wanna play
In pain, from my back it goes to my brain
trying to fake that I feel ok.
And I know you don't care but I pray, to hold on to myself.
Con ganas de ir pa'lli
me quedo bregando aqui
oye mami ten paciencia tu sabes que voy pa'lli

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Text opravila Selline

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