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Shatter the cage, about to let loose the rage
The terror building up inside of me
Flatten you there, where you stand unaware
Of the power in the fist of this man you call a fool
Waiting for the sun to rise and fall
Holding off 'til the end of it all
Just disregard, the writing on the

Cutting through you, all those who follow you too
Are added to the fallen crossed the land
Engage me in flight, feel my steel slice thru the night
And drop you to your knees so you can pray
Crawling now and begging for release
Give your life to live one day in peace
Only one way out, no matter what you, believe

Poor long lost fallen angels
More shall drop in on the danger
Soaring far above the sky
So give your love and live to die, die, die

Falling endlessly to nowhere, only hope you'll one day stop
Emptiness assaults your senses, can't see anything but sky
Will your prayers be ever answered,
or are they locked inside your mind
Have the holy ones betrayed you and left you hanging there to die
Can't see anything but sky, can't see anything, why

Open your eyes too late to realize,
the heart inside of you's about to stop
Wake up too late for you've been chosen by fate
And you alone must put the beast to death
Search forever there is no one else
Find the strength, somewhere deep inside yourself
And send the bastard, screaming back to

The final return, where you will learn
If you alone will finally slay the beast
Closer to truth is insanity's proof
The only way must be to turn and run
Stand and fight is surely suicide
Stupidity is human sacrifice
Hoping you, can escape with your life

Poor long lost fallen angels
More must drop in on danger
Falling out of endless sky
So go to hell or learn to fly, fly

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