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Only Four Seasons - text


Today was a good day, it was better than most,
didn’t see me no demons, didn’t fight me no ghosts,
baby, maybe we haven’t gone crazy after all.
And there’s only four seasons, but even the best of us fall.

She says, “Hold me up darling, cause I can’t see straight,
been drinking again, and staying up late,
hope you understand, well it’s just that time of year.”
And there’s only four seasons, but these feelings are always here.

And I haven’t been here since I don’t know when,
but they sure look different than they did back then,
and I’m holding on, saying that’s just the way it goes.
But true friends they don’t change every time that the wind blows.

We’ve been at this party a little too long,
ain’t putting it down, honey don’t get me wrong.
I just think it’s time to be moving towards the door.
Cause there’s only four seasons, and I’m looking for something more.

So let’s pack our bags, get out of this town,
head up the coast where the wind knocks you down,
not the people you know, or the people you thought that you knew.
And there’s only four seasons, and I guess we’ll be leaving soon.

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