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Brooklyn I'm Calling - text


Brooklyn I'm calling to tell you I'm sorry. Well, I know that don't mean much now. But you were young and I was wrong, and I know this is just a song. Well I ain't asking for another go 'round. I just thought maybe you'd forgive me somehow.
And Andrea you said that I can't commit. And you told me to look for Georgia, and that's what I did. And honey you deserve a star, cause that's exactly what you are. And I hope your new lover is true. Cause those sad eyes, they weren't made for you.
And oh sweet Tess, I wish you the best with your debutantes and your suitors at this circus of your past. Oh honey it was you to bring me my first tune, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Even though you were doomed from the start.
Yeah to all of my friends, you stick by me again. And you say you ride this rusty train til it ends. Yeah cause I've been around the world just singing about a girl. Never once did you call me a fool. I hope someday to make it up to you.
To my mother to my father to my sister back home, and you know I want to tell you of those things that I've done. Oh, and I've not forgotten, yes and I think about you often. You say that you're proud every step of the way. And you know it keeps me going these days. These days.
Oh my Sally, I hold you so high. And I can't find the words, though I've tried, I've tried. And sometimes you're crazy and sometimes you save me. I wouldn't have had it any other way, and you know it keeps me going these days.

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