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We are the force of Christian beliefs
The ones who preach the mass
Our celibacy a false pretence
We love to go through your ass
Nuns get laid but rather raped
We just force them without care
We like boys too from tip to toe but don't think that's a love affair
Call together now
Viva Il Vaticano!
Call us priests or call us saints
Leaders of catholic beliefs
We're god's arm
So listen to us us. the faith thieves
Read the bible
Believe what the maker said
Sin against god or sin against us
You'll burn in hell and forever dead
Now all together
Viva Il Vaticano!
Extended godly arm
The boys from Vatican
Their might is right
Catholic delight
As history shows
Death to their foes
The holy crusade
In the name of the blade
Rape, pillage and burn
Last exit – a funeral urn
Vatican's ambition
Heathen submission
For every servant of sin
Unbeliever, heretic and libertine
They offer death and damnation

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Master of Moral Servants of Sin


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