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Beware of
False prophets
Which come to you in sheep's clothing
But inwardly they're ravening wolves
Matthew said (Matthew said 7: 15)
I proclaim
Matthew's right
It's great to be a wolf
Raging wolf
Razorsharp teeth
Shred the sheep amen Christ (stench 13: 6)
The works of the flesh are manifest
Adultery, fornication, uncleanness (lasciviousness),
(Idolatry), witchcraft, hatred, variance,
Emulations, wrath, strife,
Seditions, heresies, (envyings, murders),
Drunkenness, revellings, (and such like)
Of the which I tell you before
As I have also told you in time past
That they which do
Such things
Shall not inherit
The kingdom of god (Galatians 5:19-1)
Saint Paul the apostle wrote to the Galatians
And I'd say he's almost right!
The works of the flesh are manifest
Indeed our goal supreme
Adultery is advisable
Fornication a virtue
Definite uncleanness (and se**** lasciviousness)
The most beautiful ever
Idolater is my vocation witchcraft my natural gift
Hatred and variance
My Christian name
Emulation a foreign envy for every cent
Drink and gorge unlimited (stench 20-22:6)
Jesus answered (them) verily, verily
I say unto you
Whosoever committeth sin is
The servant
Of sin (John 8:34)
Aha, so so
Verily, verily
You're just a kosher schmuck
I'm a sinner
A hellish sinner real servant of sin! (stench 16:6)

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Master of Moral Servants of Sin

Pungent Stench texty

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