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I come home late at night
I ask my wife that she'll cock

Sputter supper

She smiles to me and answers short:
"I got our neighbour in my pan"

Sputter supper

Oh, he tastes good, feels fine for me
I want more food, i"m starving you see

"Darling "she says" you get a sweet"
"I caught that child from the third floor"

Sputter supper

Now i'm so full what a delicious dish
You're the best wife i have no more wish
You're feeding me great from day to day
And all our neighbours go away

My loved man it makes me happy
When you says good things 'bout my cooking

Sputter supper

Tomorrow i'll do a good diner too
I'll try to catch our new janitor for...

Sputter supper.

Text přidala GodKill

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