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Sick Bizzare Defaced Creation - text


Crippled-you were born as a premature birth
Defaced-miscarriage would be a better word

You've got two heads but only one mouth
You're eyes can't see and you nose is your tongue

Sick bizarre defaced creation

Deformed - not worth living but alive with pain
Bizarre - your appearance people laugh and squeal

Your arms are too short three fingers aren't a hand
Your chest is one breast your belly just fat

Sick bizarre defaced creation

Sick-but not sick enough to die and leave
Misshappen - got no help feel sorrow and grief

You got a big cock but a pussy too
Not man, not woman, they say hermaphrodite to you

Sick bizarre defaced creation

Degenerated - not able to walk and run
Repugnance - society feels no compassion for you

Your legs are dead and crippled too
"So where's the point to keep me alive!?"

Sick bizarre defaced creation.

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