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I wake up of the night
Voices in my head trying to ignite the burning hate that's driving me insane
Grabs my mind and strikes my soul with pain
Covered in sweat
Stomach upset
No more sleep
Cum on the sheet
Slimy excrete
I just cut my skin to gain relief
Shed my blood to wash away the grief
Scribe inverted crosses on my chest
The I purge my bowels and I get dressed
Start out to school
Wrathful and cruel
No more grace
Snatched up from put on my trench coat and grab my father's gun
A sawed – off rifle is a guaranty for fun a king – sized box of ammunition cause I'm smart
I won't run out of bullets when the party starts
Class has begun as I am entering the room
Before the teacher starts to bitch I perforate her womb
Her torn up innards make a nasty smacking sound
As they spout around my face and hit the classroom's ground
The air is filled with smoke, dead bodies adorn the floor
Horrified teenagers are pushing to the door
I pump a bullet into every single head
But I won't go to jail and kill myself instead

Text přidala GodKill

Video přidala GodKill

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