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I rate the way you walk, i hate the way you speak
Your sight makes me sick and you apt very weak

You look like a dumb, like a head full of shit
The only way i can act is to smash you and hit

You're not only arrogant, also fuckin'ignorant
Your head is so big like my erected dick
You think you look cool you dumb little fool
You dress very hard like a boring old fart

Your hassle is now enough
You'll get what you need
First a kick in your mouth
A nd a hammerpunch 'til you bleed

I'll put my fingers in your eyes
I'll smash my fist on your chest
I'll piss on your big head
So now what do you think who's the best

Now i rule over you - you know that i'm better than you
So shut up and kiss my feet is the only thing you're allowed to do.

Text přidala GodKill

Video přidala GodKill

Been Caught Buttering

Pungent Stench texty

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