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In Search of the Perfect Torture - text

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Let's go!
Minimal skinning can be an effective technique
Pain will be intense agonising horror
Mutilations should always proceed slowly
Victim fully conscious of what's happening
Slice through the skin
Peel it slowly off
Watch him scream and bleed like a pork
Removal of the skin
Use a little plier
Never-ending pain
Start slicing off bits of muscles
Bits of skin
In the search of perfect torture
Amputation may be a great punishment technique
Beware of too fast mutilation
Facial mutilation are psychologically devastating
Make your victim watch you do this
Chopping off his hands
Cutting off a limb
Gouging his eyes
Slice away his lip
Amputate his legs
Before pull off his nails
And cut off his toes
Chop his two ears
Remove the sex organs
Destroy his nose
Cruel and unusual punishments
Invention of the so-called church
Thoughts of christian imagination
Used against enemies of church
In the search of perfect torture
In the search of perfect torture

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