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Games of Humiliation - text


Hey babe, feel the whip on you naked skin
I'll torture, i'll hit-cry in ecstasy

Needles through your nipples to get them stiff
Wheights on your genitals make your cunt foamy and hot

You do like pain, it gives you pleasure
Beg and whimper, I humiliate your being
I have my technichs, rigid and severe
I wanna get you to a real orgasm
Now let us change roles and show your treatment
Put on some leather and be my domina
Please give me back what i deserve
No matter what kind ache i'll feel

On your knees my slave, lick my heels
Your penis zonz i shave-drop wax on it

Clean the floor and eat my shit you little gormandizer
Don't forget your feel the whip when you don't obey.

Text přidala GodKill

Video přidala GodKill

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