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Daddy's gone
Left his spawn
He won't return before dawn
She's the nurse she's perverse
By the end of night you'll need a hearse
Trapped with this furious hag
The children start to cry
No rescue anywhere
The know the have to die as she scents
She smears the shit with her hands
In their eyes
On their thighs sharing that feast with the flies
Their screams increase her lust
Excite her hideous greed
The aspect of disgust
The pleasure to stampede
This is how the story goes
Ruthless is he attack
As the nanny begins to hack
Children's blood got spilled tonight
Body parts adorn the room
What a vision of delight
With her long finger nails
She rips out their entrails
Now that her work is done
There's no more screaming
She had a lot of fun
Now comes the cleaning
She picks the children up
Slowly and placid
Dissolves their corpses in
Sulphuric acid
The sun comes up and she has to scoot
Before the cops embark the pursuit
Inside her head the memories remain
Of all these naughty kids she had slain

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Master of Moral Servants of Sin

Pungent Stench texty

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