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Never the culprit - text

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We are never the culprits
we are always the victims...
blind yourself with indignations
feed the mass a vengeful elation
enjoy the last era you ignorant hate machine
enjoy the last era you ignorant pride machine
incite the mass to hate our brothers
feed the mass a justified murder
we are never the culprits
in this world
we are always the victims
who will fold?
you act as if our hands were spotless
facts are picked to suit our own causes
enjoy the last era you pathetic propaganda whore
when will you realize there's nothing worth dying for?
and now you've wasted your existence
to feed the mass a justified murder
you feel hate to give you purpose
lost yourself in a larger cause
step outside your righteous pose
your beliefs are not the laws
I hope I'm there when there's nothing left to hate...

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