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Without you my life has become
A hangover without end
A movie made for TV
Bad dialogue, bad actin', no interest
Too long with no story and no sex
Is it a kind of weakness
To miss someone so much
To wish the day, go away?
Like you did yesterday
Just like you did yesterday
And I can't think of a way, to get through this pain
To be happy again to make it all alright
And know it must be bad, 'cos sittin' here right now
All I know is I can't even think
Can't even think of, anythin' clever to say
To say so I say
Why pretend any longer?
'Cos I need you here with me
It's obvious that I miss you so much
So please say you're gonna stay
So please say you're gonna stay
So please say you're gonna stay
The night is gettin' darker now
And there's nothin' on TV
But I'll sit tight
Till morning light
Yea, I'll wait until the day
Until the day, you say you're gonna stay

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