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Promises, promises
OLd tired, worn out second hand sentences
One thing, with you is certain
YOu're a really sad person. So sad.
Disappointed a few people
When friendship reared its ugly head
Disappointed a few people
Well, isn't that what friends are for?
What are friends for?
You, you're just a really bad person
Who won't, you won't, listen to anyone. No not you
With those half moon eyelids
JUst babbling on, your useless defences. So sad.
This erratic haphazard, fluttering
This toing and frowing
Like a confused moth
The collusion, illusion
And it's all ad infinitum
You're a really sad person. You're really so sad
Fools and horses
Running their courses
And brow beaten down
Like dust on the ground
You cheat easily
Like sweet charity
And all of the bastards
The world despises
Springing surprises
In newer disguises
You cheat easily
Like all charity

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