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C’est La Vie
C’est La Vie
So C’est La Vie
Dead and gone
All those times now
You’re dead wrong
You are like kissing me now
You are secret coward
A golden shower
Of empty melodies
That lost their power
So C’est La Vie
You left nothing for me
Your only enemy
Your how
When you use to rule the skies
When in my eyes
Been writing this letter all day long
Well what went wrong
You moved alarm
Now what went wrong
Trying to take good byes
Ba bye ba bye
Of your hand
Of hope sound high
Until your nose can block the sky
Until you’ve eaten every piece of the pie
As killer where you’ll killed us all with your lies
Old enemy mine
Go home
Dead and gone
You’re wrong
They're False truth
C’est La Vie
Good bye good bye
Bye bye
Good bye now
Bye bye
C’est La Vie
So C’est La Vie
Me spy a vision
Oblivious sublivion
666 in all nations
Sick by separation
Sharing and caring
Can you imagine the intention
Just understanding
An ignition reversing
I can't give this part a title
That would be food for the foolish
Can you try your luck now
For the last human standing
Is this civilization expanding
Or the final yawn of an ending
The ending

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