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I look, and i road
Memory road
Yes i rode
And i rode [x3]
I am surprised that the sun awoke a tall
With a blood bathe in the moonlight
Left me at first
Now i feel small
Killing everything
Look and walk run or crawl
I don't feel human
At all
And i am sorry
Standing pained and shamed
And today or tonight
In might have to happen all over again
Am alive
I have a run
Under the big blue sky
The big blue sky
I know this land this slice into life is to survive
Face too red hot face in the sun
I have a place
I learn to love in a loveless place
Death lust and dust
Only my whole
Is the one i trust
The shadow is my compass
He leads me to the water
I lead him to his death
This is my promise [x2]
Under the clear blue sky
Under the big blue sky
The big blue sky
I rode into the clear moonlight
In the black of night
Under a thousand eyes
The savage craze of those cougar eyes
Until one of us dies
Under the big blue sky
Under the big blue sky
I rode
Under the pitiless hummm
Of that raging sun
Then i rode
Back to the dawn
Where the guns belong
Under the big blue sky
Where i will see
When i die
Sky [x2]

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