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All right party people, bust a groove
It's guaranteed to shake your butt and make you move
I got a little something fly ass, gonna kick you high (?)
It's not a drive from my little rut
It's not for your earhole that we call a bug
Ya know what I'm sayin'
Now bust it out
There is a lot of people out there
That's building up a force
Of course that we call a posse
None will be grown when you got to cope and you gall (?)
You start up with two
And you end up with two thousands by the millions
You dig what I'm sayin'
Now there's a lot of posses out there
Trying to take over posses
And trying to turn those possses
Into their posse
But when you got too much
Like the gear grabbin' such and such (?)
Nobody can take yours
So they'll be sweatin' from the paws (?)
Trying to take whatcha got
They're so hot from the pot
Do they get the bad cold
An' those riding with the ????
Ya know what I'm sayin'
What do you got to say about this
A force so strong that you can't resist
You may as well join 'em - you know you can't beat 'em
Pack a hundred people - ya know ya gonna need 'em
Straight with the system is down by law
Cause every half hour they get nine more
They run all the dollars that come in town
So either join the crew or get beat down
I watched all the guys be so damn cruel
Try to get fast - you must be a fool
Blood through and through - the boys don't play
I seen 'em tax and run an operation today
They got too - too - too much posse
Yeah, I had a party - much people came by
I'm talking to a 'g' cause the 'g' real fly
Chillin' in my room - chewin' off her ear
Chillin' stypid fly - cause I got stupid gear
My door kicked open by her man and crew
The 'g' turned to me and said, ''Who're you?''
I said, ''Yo fly. Yeah the 'g' lied.''
Stuck in the corner while the 'g' cried
And then from the back - my homeboys came
Wear Uzis and knives and said, ''Go blame.'' (?)
Ya lying ass girl with the fake tears
We got a big posse and we show no fears
We got too - too - too much posse
We got too - too - too much posse
Yeah, that's right
And I'm get ready to step off
Ya know what I'm sayin'
And all you posses out there
That's trying to help posse to posse
Yo, we gotta stop that as
Scatter your brain from here to White Plains
Ya know what I'm sayin'
We got the shit that you just can't fuck with

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