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No election
Remember that presidential selection
Got us in another
er****** of body part
Dick bush and colin
Tape is rollin
New whirl odor
Flowin way past deodorant
Got the masses ignorant
Them dumb asses
The whirl surrenders
To the way of the beltway
Created a nore bin laden found saddam
Yo griff,
'what good is a gotdamn bomb
I know they been lyin bout bin ladin
Fight the power
You dont know who hit them towers
And they dont care
Tony blair
Ask the axis of hate
Is the uk the 51st state
Gettin the bomb sht
Aint like gettin bombed and sht
Orders from your
Commander and theif
Headcheif hankercheif
Aint that right griff
You gonna go in there
And take things and bomb thangs
2007 high tech thug gang
I rather be gettin it
Than gettin hit
Presidential orders
From this new whirl odor
Stressin peoples of color
Across the water and the borders
Peeps need food education employment
And damn that high tech equipment
And the rhetoric
From one sided politricks
From a government on some ol
World war 3 trip
If i was there id quit
Go home and be gettin it
Stick a bush and dick in the world
And watch it twirl
Americas a dude
And the earth a girl
You gotta fight for your love
Remain a cut above
The rest of the world
Dont matter
Sounds like propaganda
New facism on another channel
Turn offa that thing
And see the sun
Ima take my black ass home
And get some

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