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Superman's Black In The Building - text

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Jump back poppin that track
Gonna wreck it now
Watchin yall --to the record now
Catchin yall attention
So shake it now
Oh no find my flow
Gonna break it down
Came a long way
You cant take it now
--regulatin on the regular
Do your thing. on the floor
Can you kick it now
Do your thing
Do the damn thing baby
Cmon bring it now
Go back like 8 tracks and cadillacs
Way before crack even similac
Hell wit the wire taps
New booby traps
Hear the hand claps uh
Where the party at?
Do the damn thing
Getcha gravy on
Cause i be gettin it down
And your crazy on
Go on and on an on till the break of dawn
I give a damn
Cause damn is ya baby gone
Do whatcha wanna do
But try to do the right thing
If its the right thing
Then go on
Do the damn thing
I know you get soul
Like a bbq chicken wing
Thet me like a king
Lemme hear you sing
Money cant buy you love
Thought you knew that
Eight days a week
Livin like a rugrat
Sex machine cant face fact
Gotta chase the cat
Hear the hand claps
Turn the damn thing up
Here we go again
No means no
So now you know again
Flow it like a poet
Get ready then
Dance gotcha trembin in dem timberland
Jumpback poppin that track
Gonna shake it now
Check the cat
Gettin wreck gonna break it down the record now
Gotta break it down
Rhymin this flow on the go
Cmon get it now
I'm saying we went from Gods to niggas
From queens to bitches
Who in the hell told you that you were in heaven
Who in the hell told you that you were in heaven
Platinum gold a house and a car
But poverty all around you by far
People living under bridges or in a car
Heaven for the super rich who call it modern living
But the Man from the east calls it a wilderness
Cause heaven for whites is hell for blacks in america
Heaven and hell are two conditions of Life
Not a place up there or a place down there
It's a condition of life on earth so value Life
Heaven is not things
It's a higher level of thinking
And at the moment one may change the conditions of Life
Our people think a job, partying and endless flow of women and moet,
Krystal and how much sex you can have is heaven
Sometimes you got to think that it may not be heaven all the time
But being able to meet Life's struggles head on, head on, head on
Without compromising your Soul soul soul soul
In this worlds Life
Not Life after death
Life on earth
Not worrying about how you are gonna eat or put clothes on your children
Sit yourself in heaven at once
A woman is a very important part of heaven
She produces heaven with you
And if she is connected to the source of Life
So heaven is a condition of Life
And you can have it on earth
Who in the hell told yall you were in heaven
Oh, Oh
Lord Have Mercy!

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