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Raw Shit (feat. Paris, MC Ren) - text

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Raw shit, hardcore hip-hop hits
Yes, live, real rap's back again
You in tune to the real, Hard Truth Soldier radio
The _Sonic Jihad_ continues
Where you either with us, or you against us
Dogs of the world unite
It's Public Enemy
GOD DAMN I state with my fist uplifted
In a state where our freedom is severely twisted and
abused, I'm used to rhythm of rebel
I've been fightin this shit with the volume level up to
ten and spendin my time on the rhyme battlefield
Watchin as my brothers are killed with no justice
or peace, in the middle of hell
And I was out on the Isle when the two Towers fell
So now you're gonna tell that the war is won
and what's done is done, an all-good _Son of a Bush_
I've been there before, "got a letter from government"
Slid underneath, my front door
The poor get fucked while the rich is still amused
And what's left of the Bill of Rights is pimped and abused
While the patriots actin like kings
But the black is back, I'm all in with the noise I bring!
Raw shit, hardcore hip-hop hits
Yeah that's right, we're Public Enemy #1 in New York
Public Enemy #1 in Chicago
Public Enemy #1 in Detroit
Public Enemy #1 in Oakland
Public Enemy #1 in Baltimore
Public Enemy #1 in Miami
Public Enemy #1 in Indiana
Also Public Enemy #1 in L.A., boyeee
Ask yourself why we just get by
While we struggle to maintain, bring sight to the blind
Up against the machine the _Bush Killer_ remain
In between the government and the public that's trained
Where white companies profit off black death
And house nigga rap thugs sell murder to kids
Where the media maintains all thought control
And fake news propaganda serve to rot the soul
We all unified to fight, keep the message and awake black
Open up your eyes, see the enemy and shake that
Bullshit lyin, free your mind, we combine
To combat the perpetrator of the crime design
With fake patri-ots and religion the same
Both blind and repressed, both practicin hate
Both followin the lead of people never concerned
with justice when the motive is the profit return
we justice when motivate and positive return
We servin
Raw shit, hardcore hip-hop hits
Yeah, all day everyday we bring believe
All day everyday the most extreme
All day everyday we bring believe
Yeah, all day everyday we break the scheme
Worldwide vendetta, these reperations above cheddar
We got to fuckin get it together
So each one, teach one, fo' the straggle
Bein black in America's some shit to juggle
They won't give motherfuckers a job
They wanna throw you in the pen when you forced to rob
But the Villain is back, with the Black Panther of rap
Paris my nigga, you other fools never got bigger
I make this whole system quiver
With the street shit I'ma deliver, from my villa
Here I go again scarin people to death
America hold yo' breath, we the last left
And still got my black ass on the bottom
You motherfuckers in the jury that's why I shot 'em
I shot down one, to get away from two
Now tell me what the fuck am I supposed to do
Raw shit, hardcore hip-hop hits
Bust it, we're Public Enemy #1 in D.C.
Public Enemy #1 in New Jersey
Public Enemy #1 in Cleveland, Ohio
Public Enemy #1 in Alabama y'all
Public Enemy #1 in Tennessee
Public Enemy #1 in Mississippi
Public Enemy #1 in Philly, in Atlanta
Also we're Public Enemy #1 in St. Louis
But let tell you a little somethin man
I'm tired of all these flatheads and all these coneheads
You know what I'm sayin? I'ma tell you somethin
There's nuttin but spies out there, you know what I'm sayin?
Somebody is always out there with the binoculars
Somebody's always lookin out they window, and you know who know, that
You don't see everybody that see you, you know what I'm sayin?
So yo, to all you spies, creatin nuttin but lies, yo
In your face you need nuttin but pies, pies, pies
Cold pies, you know what I'm sayin?
You know how that go G
Public Enemy #1

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