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Public Enemy
I'm cold gettin' busy while I'm shakin' you down
I'm on the air - you're on the ground
Chuck D - the enemy - words you heed
Build for speed - but what you need is
Funky fresh lyrics fallin' down on time
Your enemy poppin' it - droppin' dime
Comin' out rockin' a tomahawk jam
And still gettin' fly with the mike in my hand
I'm cold coolin' out - layin in the shade
Dealers buggin cause they're gonna get sprayed
Their intimidator - your Scarface
What's goin' on (huh) what's takin' place
I don't wear gold but I clock ducats
Cause I have the money overflowing out of buckets
You want crazy dollars - I make people holler
You stick 'em up stupid and I'm snatching biters collars
Cause I'm
Public Enemy
I'll rebuild your mine to alleviate
Unnecessary pressures that can recreate
The sting that stung Yama-Goochie Foo Yung
He bit the Public Enemy he nearly got hung
His brain was gettin' bigger than a pregnant toad
His heartbeat stopped cause of overload
See, I made the beat that broke his back
I cut his circulation - made his world turn back
I find things out like E.S.P.
I've got Kreskin's brain velocity
Like Alexander Munday - I'm in like Flint
Mercedes limousine with a hardcore tint
I'm captain of the ships - I make 'em walk the planks
Riding round the world - hundred sixty million francs
Not like the kind that you put on the grill
Cause I only do it like that when I'm on a chill hill
I'm the
Public Enemy
I'm goin' for the money that man ever made
Gettin' thrills from orders that the suckers obeyed
It's gettin' late and I can't wait
To drive by the bus and rock my tape
My car is movin' fast, like a train
Never skiddin' off the road, not even in the rain
I'm cold dodgin' tickets, rockin' all the jams
Makin' biters step back and understand
I got to the beach, the ground was so sandy
Girls on my jock like ants on candy
Checking out the fellas with the girls on the side
Put ya boat in the water, let's take a ride
to the land of party people rocking shocking to the beat
Keep ya eyes on ya girl cause ya know I'm gonna cheat
I'm gonna max and relax and chill my will
Body rockin', brain shockin' makes your heart stand still
Where's the

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