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Banned from our damn so called country
No claim yall know the name
Some got the rest of the planet
To feel us damn it
Substance over style
Thats right we on exile
Them ol heads from strong i the velt
No love good lookin out
But damn sure felt
Hear me fear me appeared to
The sequel
Said keep pe from from the people
Stole ya soul keft the groove
On ya body black
Now you cant getcha mind back
Too dirty for the source power 30
Too clean for 30 year olds
Who wanna act sixteen
I beg ya pardon
We be live in other genres
While ya favorites just startin
We come back to do a soul check
Every once in a while like a sonic messiah
To find out these cats
Got this thing runnin wild
God bless the child
Im spittin in the wind
Till it knocks a tree down in the woods
(allah u akbar)
God is good
Either you stand for something
Or fall for anything
You can get all the money cars jewelry and things
And still have nothing
Lookin for love in all the wrong places
Between gettin high on the price tags
And smilin faces
Thinkin you need
Rings and things rims and timbs
That aint rap thats bein slaves again
Hip hop says you can be what you wanna be
As long as you aint f-a-k-e
Its a four letter word like fame
That fades and if you believe it
Your f-u-c-k- e-d
But how you sell soul to a
Souless people who sold their soul?
I guess we all got stole on
By some of the same cats
That sold ya soul out
Dj lord
Being that beat back

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How You Sell Soul To A Soulless People Who Sold Their Soul?


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