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If man is the father of the son
Is the center of the earth
In the middle of the universe
Why is this verse comin
Six times rehearsed
Don’t freestyle much so
I write em like such
Amongst the fiends
Controlled by the screens
What does it all mean
All this shit I’m seein
Human beings scream vocal javelins
Signs of a local nigga unravelin
My wandering
Got my ass wondering
Where christ is
In all this crisis
Hatin satan
Never knew what nice is
Check the papers
While I bet on isis
More than your eye can see
And ears can here
Year by year
All the sense disappears
Nonsense perseveres
Prayers laced wit fear
2 triple 0 is near
Damn was it somethin I said
Pretend you don’t see
So you turn your head
Race scared of it’s shadow
Does it matter?
Thought areparations
Got em playin wit the population
Nothing to lose
Everythings approved
People used
Even murders excused
White men in suits
Don’t have to jump
Still theres 1001 ways
To lose wit the shoes
God takes care of ol folks and fools
While the devil takes care
Of makin the rules
Folks don’t even own themselves
Payin mental rent
To corporate president
1 outta 1 million residents
Be a dissident
Who ain’t kissin it
The politics of chains and whips
Got the sick
Missin chips and championships
What’s love got to do
Wit what you got
Don’t let a win get to your head
Or a loss to your heart
Nonsense perseveres
Prayers heed wit fear
2 triple o is near
It might feel good
Sound a lil somethin
Damn the game
If it don’t mean nuttin
What is game who got game
Where’s the game
In life
Behind the game
Behind the game
I got game
She got game
We got game
They got game
He got game
That millenium
Just be killin em
Like lies buried in the library
When did a state pen
Correct anything
When piles of us
Still be catchin the bus
When stacks of cats
Packin laundry mats
Paid the preachers back
But where the teachers at?
I ain’t even gotta ask it
As who’s underpaid and
Fouled at the basket
I can’t blame the envy
At who gettin the benjis
And takin grants for granted
Last I checked pyramids
Wasn’t built like projects
Or on government checks
Modern day thugs
Ain’t got no guts
Pardon the expression
Under governor nuts
Last time in a church
Be the last time in a church
Dead pledged alliance
To many cd’s and movies
Leaving reality
Believing fantasy
Bleedin fatalities
Too many formalities
Prayers laced wit fear
2 triple o is here

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He Got Game


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