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My pens the ride
On the pad the road
Yall must've known
This is the way
I unwind and unload
Over beats overload
Mind explodes
Stress in this depression
New ghosts of tom joad
New dust bowl blues
Back to fake jewels
So I drop jewels
To inform the fooled
Clock tickin 3 songs a day
Like its food
Carry on
I am that ramblin man dude
I was born
To deliver car songs
D still drives a caddy
I'll mess with a ford
Now songs are blood
And songs are swords
Everybody should be able to afford
Home food and a job to work
We the people gettin robbed by these corporate jerks
I wonder how they sleep at night
When the people hitch hiking the turnpike
Yall know that ain't right
So I gotta get it in tonight
Get it in tonight
Bump knucks in the house
And I came to (get it in)
Rock rock with the best of the best
And I'm get it in
Touch mics I a beast when I (get it in) (get it in)
Yeah word throw your hands up
When theres war for the cause
Of course I gotta (get it in)
On the blaze on the mic (get it in)
You know I gotta (get it in)
When pe calls I fight so watch me
(get it in)
Yo, lets rock, word
[Bumpy Knuckles]
I always wanted to be an s1
March my dance steps and carry two guns
Cause I a rider for the strong island
Wilin stylin 98 crew retirin salute
For the culture ill shoot
Ha, boom bap at you
I'm nice chuck bars go too
We embargo too
We prohibit wack rappers to move
Ha, or we'll stomp on you
Throw your hands up five fingers
Close your fist
Then repeat after me and it goes like this
Cmon (get it in) word the rhymes are sick
This info in flow wherever it ends up
Copyright law that will leave you a
Sloppy right jaw
Hard as I work to write more
So flavor flav if you're ready to win
Why don't cha
Get on the mic and (get it in) (get it in)
[Flavor Flav]
In order to reach status like us you gotta
(get it in)
Public enemy number one baby yo we
(get it in)
Chuck d is the hard rhymer yo because he
(get it in)
Flavor flav he
(get it in)
Riding on the block you gotta
(get it in)
In the bronx we rock the block you gotta
(get it in)
Nassau county on the rock you gotta
(get it in)
When you got to do your time you gotta
(get it in)
In rikers c-76 I had to
(get it in)
On the streets in a fight I had to
(get it in)
Running from the cops I had to
(get it in)
I was fighting with my girl I had to
(get it in)
It was me against the world I gotta
(get it in)
I'm in a high speed chase I gotta
(get it in)
I got the cops on my case I gotta
(get it in)
I got the irs all after me yo I gotta
(get it in)
I got the feds after me yo I gotta
(get it in)
I got my girl after me yo I gotta
(get it in)
When the boys is after you yo better
(get it in)
If you in a gang fight yo you better
(get it in)
When you go to jail you got no choice but to
(get it in)
If he bend you over you know he gonna
(get it in)
(get it in)
(get it in)

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