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Tried to boss me
Tried to out outfloss me
I just don't need her
Broke diva
It ain't cheaper to keep her
Should I love her or leave her
I just don't need
Another broke diva
See I work
She don't work
But shes first to curse
Whit sht don't work
I take my ass around the earth
So she can spend my money first
I forgot how we became 2 people
A couple
Damn sure not financially equal
She lost me
When it started to cost me
Lost me
She tried to out floss me
Yall should hear her
Always I the mirror
You should see her
Some of yall wish you can be her
Getting up in the afternoon
While the whole world
I been up and down the block
Gotta tell this woman to bounce
Buying these designer tags she cant pronounce
With my bank account
Down and out
She ain't even got the nerve to keep count
Hard odd
Jacked up credit cards
Exotic cars
With notes paid off
From my checks she wrote
I hope she know
I ain't no casino
I got a job and you gotta go
Don't get it twisted
If you trying to get famous
For being famous I missed it
You still want me to kick out;
I just did baby
You out

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