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"As Long As The People Got Somethin To Say"
We dont control sht
No education
Depending on governments
Forever in a plantation state
Damn this is why i hate hate
Wanna do something for the people
Make us equal
Instead of creatures
Who got human features
Let the whole world reach you
Things classrooms cant teach you
Now can you dig it?
Sing the song till we all get along
Feed the poor
Damn the law
When they trained em, taught em
Killed em when they caught em
Set up wet up
When they no longer could afford em
Put disease across the seas
Got the third world on their knees
Get it
As long as the people got something to say
As long as the people got something to say
At this critical junction the administration can't function
Taking our civil liberties over high price luncheons it's nothin when your considered a sheepole
As long as the people got something to say
"We the people"
They need a war to justify the taking of lives, they manage the lie behind the lie behind the lie.
Now you can't run and hide it's high tech genocide
They never taught you the truth or how to survive
They clone doctors to put a spin on it
Hip hop heads to shook to pull the cover off it.
It may effect there sales tip the scale
The way it looks they'll end up dead or in jail.
We busy spinning and grinning on 26's you sitting
Change your god for your wealth thinking heaven your gettin.
You must be pre-sistance in mass resistance
Love thy enemy and make this committment
To engage in struggle, with a clench fist lift it
Be true to self before the GOD end this.
Yo! Public enemy we back in your...

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