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Shadow of Silence - text


Keep your visions to the sky
Things could change in a blink of an eye
Some believe, some don't know
Is this the end of the world?

I've seen it in the good book
I've read it in black and white
Will there be judgment by day
Or will there be judgment by night?

If you choose to accept it
Then you'll know what to expect
If you don't really care then you'll suffer no regrets
No regrets

Here we stand in a shadow of silence
Here we stand in a shadow of silence

And no one seems to know, place or time
Only time will show, you and me
Can we forsee the future, will we all agree?
The sun will rise tomorrow, then we'll see

I've heard it said, "live for today and not tomorrow"
Because the future's been foretold
Is this the light at the end of the tunnel?
Or have I been left in the cold?

I saw an angel crying to me
as her eyes filled with memories
of the day

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